The rain was a welcoming cause for pause for Liz Crow at the 2016 Keeneland September Yearling Sale. The 28 year old was buying for owner Sol Kumin and her own pinhooking venture, when bidding on a round of yearlings went terribly wrong and Liz walked away with nothing to show for the day.

The next day of the sale, after the Kentucky drenching, Liz desperately hoped her luck was about to change with a third round of promising looking yearlings. The rain, though welcoming while it lasted, took away from the usual amount of time buyers had available to see the yearlings up close and the barn was crowded full of people all trying to get a look at the Gainesway horses housed within it. Tucked at the back of the sales grounds, Liz found herself in the midst of complete chaos when an athletic chestnut filly walked out for the group to scrutinize:

“She came out and just stood there like nothing bothered here, she was very calm and collected about her surroundings which – for a yearling – was very quiet. She had the mental personality I was looking for and she’s very athletic: she has a big strong forearm and a really strong gaskin, she has a really good length to her back and hip and its hard to get all those four ingredients into a horse, so I just fell in love with her.”

With a clear budget from owner Sol Kumin, the filly’s unknown pedigree was Liz’s saving grace, and the she quickly became the first horse Liz ever signed her own name for.

There is something so refreshing about a good rain fall; it’s even better when followed by a rainbow – a promise of riches and of safety.

For Liz Crow, somewhere over the rainbow was the first horse she bought on her own – one Chestnut filly who would become Monomoy Girl.



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